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The Omega Course by Paul Clark


How can you live with yourself when you have killed somebody?

This haunting question consumes Ross Collins, whose life unravels when he causes a fatal accident just one day after passing his driving test.

Sinking into a morass of despair and self-loathing, he seeks refuge in the Alpha Course, hoping to find redemption through Christianity. There he encounters "Omega" Bee, a theology student grappling with her own crisis as the faith that has always defined her collapses.

Bee challenges the message of the Alpha Course, offering Ross a very different perspective on Christianity and the Bible.

As he desperately looks for a path to redemption, and she tries to work out who she is and what she is going to do with her life, their story unfolds against a backdrop of conflicting ideas - the clash between Alpha and Omega.


Kindle Price £2.95 / $3.95

Paperback Price £12.95 / $14.95

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The Journey To Reason by Mark Alsip

Are we on the brink of sacrificing science and history on the altar of fundamentalist ideology?

Navigating the chasm between unyielding faith and empirical science, this memoir reveals a deeply personal struggle with Young Earth Creationism and religious fundamentalism.

Indoctrinated at age six into a fundamentalist sect, the author is confronted with the undeniable evidence of science while simultaneously being torn by his church’s warnings of eternal damnation for simply acknowledging reality.

As the story unfolds, it delves into the broader impact of such doctrines on American society, from science denial to their role in shaping laws and education, while avoiding a wholesale critique of religion, acknowledging the positive, moral figures that have shaped the author's journey.

Drawing inspiration from thinkers as diverse as Dr. Marlene Winell and Carl Sagan, the author charts a path from constrained belief to the liberating realms of knowledge and reason, offering a compelling call to critical thinking and the embrace of scientific truths. Journey to Reason is an invitation to join a thoughtful discourse on the role of fundamentalist beliefs in the modern world.


Kindle Price £7.85 / $9.99

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